5 Ways to Improve Food Safety NOW

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5 Ways to Improve Food Safety NOW

Food safety affects all communities throughout the world. In fact, one in ten people become ill from contaminated food each year. In the food industry, companies are responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of the foods they are handling by adhering to food standards and codes of practice. However, food safety is everyone's business!

Below are five ways to improve food safety NOW.


Reduce contamination and bacteria spread with efficient hand washing

All employees at the plant level must wash frequently and effectively using the proper procedure and equipment. Key times to wash hands are before, during, and after preparing food. It's important to scrub your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Posting signage around your facility helps to communicate the correct process for hand hygiene. We carry a full-line of hand soaps and sanitizers specifically for the food industry to eliminate cross contamination and stop the spread of germs.


Color code for safety

As specified by food auditors and safety inspectors, it is highly important that cleaning equipment is color coded and kept in the areas zoned for specific use. Our top-of-the-line color coded tools and equipment are specifically made for the food industry and are food contact approved! We offer the largest selection of color-coded tools – 11 colors – that can fit into any HACCP program. Color-coded tools are separated by function and color to prevent cross-contamination of certain materials, products, and especially allergens. All tools are made from FDA compliant materials and made in accordance with EU regulations.



Use metal & x-ray detectable items

A major foreign body risk involves materials accidentally falling into food or machinery and getting lost. Research has shown that metal and x-ray detectable items can significantly reduce this risk and maintain product integrity. View our full line of metal and x-ray detectable items



When in doubt, Go BLUE

Many food manufacturers wear blue Nitrile gloves to prevent foriegn material contamination due to the high visibility of blue. The same goes for clean up situations. Switching to high-visibility blue paper towels at your facility not only provides you with superior strength and absorbancy but they are also easily recognizable thus preventing risk of foreign material contamination. Visit our selection of paper towels.

Ensure all cleaning materials are properly stored and segregated

The use of 5S Shadow Boards at food processing facilities has proven to greatly enhance food safety and improve operational efficiency on multiple levels. Browse our Quick Buy Tool Station Shadow Board selection

or visit our Shadow Board information page to learn more about our how our custom-designed 5S Shadow Boards can benefit your facility.



Key Messages

Food standards protect consumers

When food safety standards are applied consumers will be protected by the efforts that have been undertaken in making sure that the food they consume is safer. Food safety standards provide the common basis for understanding and, at the same time, the common basis for joint action to ensure that all of us can benefit from safe food.

Food standards help producers

Implementing standards, guidelines and codes of practice along the food supply chain ensures that food is safe and nutritious when it reaches the consumer, contributing to consumer confidence in the products. Governments, producers, processors and retailers all play a part in ensuring food standards are met. The international food safety standards of the Codex Alimentarius facilitate fair practices in international trade. 


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