Protect Your Customers with the Best Metal Detectable Tools for the Food Industry

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July 18, 2023 at 8:49:01 AM PDT July 18, 2023 at 8:49:01 AM PDTth, July 18, 2023 at 8:49:01 AM PDT

The food processing industry requires the highest standards of hygiene and safety. Detectable products are used in food production environments because foreign body contamination risks need to be minimal for the safety of the consumer. By using metal & x-ray detectable products, you can prevent plastic and rubber contamination from making their way into the final product.


How do metal detectable plastics play a role in helping food manufacturers reduce risk?

With various tools being used every day, there’s ample opportunity for accidental breakage from extended use. Metal detectable plastic tools are manufactured from a material based on high-impact, food contact approved polypropylene. The products are made by incorporating metal additives into plastic and rubber compounds. The detectable elements throughout the products, and tools can be detected and rejected by all correctly calibrated metal detection systems used in the food processing industry. Furthermore, X-ray visibility is achieved using high-density additives. Detectable polypropylene tools have a hygienic design that is lightweight, yet durable and less costly compared to stainless steel.


Why are most metal detectable materials blue?

Many metal detectable products are blue due to easy visual detection. Blue is the most common non-food color, hence there’s a better chance of these materials being spotted during inspection. Implementing metal detectable tools into your food safety program will help reduce risk and maintain good manufacturing practices.

Below is a list of the best metal detectable products to enhance your HACCP and GMP programs.


Retreeva Metal Detectable Pens

Are you using the right pen for your work environment? Sometimes pens can be less effective in cold or greasy environments. Not to mention, they can become a foreign contaminate themselves. The average employee will go through about 7 pens per year. Retreeva metal detectable pens provide maximum traceability. Every detail, from the beginning of the design process to the final user experience, has been carefully considered to deliver the most advanced, reliable, and consistent detectable pen. These detectable pens are designed to prevent tiny fragments from contaminating your product. Retreeva metal detectable pens are made of shatter resistant polymers to avoid splintering if accidentally crushed and do not contain metal springs. These long lasting, food contact approved metal and x-ray detectable pens have a 6-mile writing life in regular, gel and pressurized inks. Lastly, Retreeva metal detectable pens comply with BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8.


Metal Detectable Knives

Metal detectable knives are specifically designed for high-risk industries like food manufacturing. To prevent damage to machines and injuries to consumers, these knives are formulated to be fully metal detectable. The knife blades are made of fully hardened tempered stainless steel and the strong shatter resistant handles are insert molded from xdetect®. which provide the advantage of being detectable by metal detection and x-ray inspection systems. Even the small parts can be traced by metal detectors, and special X-ray machines to reduce the risk that contaminated products will leave your production area.


Metal Detectable Buckets, Scoops, Scrapers, Paddles, and Shovels

Functionality is just as important as safety. Having the right tool to work in your specific environment without breaking or cracking is essential and provides peace of mind. By utilizing one-piece molded items such as: Spatulas, scrapers, bucket, hand scoops, shovels, and dustpans, you reduce the risk of pieces separating or breaking off.

These tools are manufactured from a unique formulation involving additives that conform to food contact regulations. This addition allows material that may become accidentally detached from an item to be detected by standard in-line metal detection equipment. Incorporating metal detectable tools into your food safety program will ensure that foreign material can be easily identified and removed preventing contamination.


Metal Detectable Bio-based Earplugs

DetectoMax Metal Detectable Bio-Based Corded Earplugs are the World’s first bio-based, detectable earplugs. Keep your workers protected while also increasing your green initiatives. All parts – the earplug, the cord, even the bag – are biobased! Detectomax metal detectable earplugs help reduce noise in loud environments with a rating of NRR 32 / SNR 38.

In a food processing plant where retention and detection are crucial, these metal detectable earplugs are a great choice because they are not only detectable, but economical and can easily be worn with other PPE. Biobased earplugs are naturally softer with lower pressure for prolonged comfort. These Earplugs are biodegradable and begin breakdown in approximately 12 months, PLUS, they Lower CO2 by 2,583 lbs per 1000 workers per year. Made of USDA Certified 82% biobased materials made in North America.


You can also visit our line of Detectable PPE and Bandages. Our team of food safety experts can help you choose the right tools and equipment for your facility. We’re here to help you meet your quality standards of food safety. If you have any questions about our line of detectable products, reach out to one of our reps.