Shadow Boards - Now offering 2 ways to order

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April 7, 2022 at 10:54:55 AM PDT April 7, 2022 at 10:54:55 AM PDTth, April 7, 2022 at 10:54:55 AM PDT

The principles of 5S – sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain, are widely used in food production to help promote food safety and improve efficiencies in the workplace.

Amerisan first started providing customized 5S shadow boards to the food industry in 2008. Since launch, we have created over 40 thousand custom shadow boards and this segment of our business continues to gain popularity. If you are looking for ways to prevent cross-contamination, be audit-ready, or reduce lost or damaged equipment, Amerisan can provide a great solution to fit any budget.


Custom Shadow Boards – a quick walk through

Our customized shadow board process begins with an Amerisan 5S consultant working closely with production managers or continuous improvement departments to come up with a solution that is most suitable for their facilities. Our consultants help clients select the tools, the most effective location for tool stations, as well as the most appropriate board material, colors, graphics and mounting to support their 5S programs. If you are tasked with implementing 5S for your facility and are not sure where to begin, reach out to one of our consultants today using our online form! Our consultants are here to make this process as easy as possible while ensuring the 5S program fits your exact needs.


5S “Quick Buy” Stations

Over time we developed a range of standard shadow boards that are the most frequently purchased by food processors. These “Quick Buy” 5S stations were developed using data surrounding our best-selling designs and sizes. These stations allow you to select colors, add your logo and select mounting methods to fashion these for your facility.


Here's how it works

Step 1- Go to the standard Shadow Board section of our site. Select the configuration that will hold the tools needed. Each configuration has the option of solid shadows or outline shadows. The tools will determine the size of your board.


Step 2- After you choose the configuration, choose the board style using the dropdown. You can add a full kit of tools to your board and magnetic mounting.


Our unique magnetic mounting systems eliminates the need for drilling in your production walls, and making it possible to install in a fraction of the time. No drilling prevents potential harborage points and makes cleaning a breeze. Other benefits are that the magnetic system makes it easy to move shadow boards from 1 location to another to maximize their use.


Step 3- Name your board, choose your color. We provide 10 color options to fit your HACCP requirements.


Step 4- If you’d like to include a logo upload were indicated on order page and choose your logo placement.


You will receive an email notification along with a proof. Click the “approved” button and production on your shadow board will begin. Expect 3-5 weeks for your shadow board to ship.

Need it sooner? We can expedite orders as fast as 5 days if needed. Reach out to us for more info on rush orders!

For a customized board, please reach out to our consults through our contact form.