A Singular Appetite

    Our focus is on food safety for both the people that consume it and the reputations of the companies that provide's that simple. So much, in fact, that food processing is the only industry we serve, allowing us to:
    Understand latest industry regulations
    Anticipate your needs
    Become a single source provider
    Provide undivided attention
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    Customer Testimonials
    • We moved all of our consumable products, Jan/San, and color-coded tools over to Amerisan in 2019 and haven’t looked back. Our rep is responsive and well versed in the food industry, the customer service is second to none, deliveries happen within a day (most products), and the value added of the CAI program allows me to worry about production and plant issues & not stock of these products.

      We also appreciate getting monthly usage numbers and constant communications about market conditionsaffecting the sector. Overall, | would rate their products and service as exemplary!

      Sean V.
      Taylor Farms
    • It has been one of the most dramatic cost-saving events I have seen in over two decades of my employment here! Your advice to changeover from liquid hand soap to foaming hand soap, from standard-sized toilet paper to jumbo rolls, and to the self regulating hand towel rolls, benefited us with improved dispensing systems and by reducing the frequency of refills. With these changes, our expenses in this category were reduced by nearly 30%.

      Ray Rurup
      Building Manager
      True World Foods
    • What a brilliant result! Compared to last year’s June sanitation expenses versus this year the numbers were pretty phenomenal. By consolidating all of our purchases through Amerisan there was a 17% decrease this June.

      Gina Spencer
      Quality Assurance Coordinator
      La Brea Bakery
    • Our janitors gave positive feedback about the switch from center pull towel to high capacity auto cut roll towel dispensing system. We went from 12 rolls per shift down to 2 rolls!

      Amy Kovak
      Quality Assurance Coordinator
      East Coast Fresh
    • Amerisan helped us to duplicate and update some non-stainless steel boards used in our production areas. The boards were made accurately and the stainless steel has held up much better that the original boards did. We are very satisfied with the results!

      Prepared Foods

    Food Safety and the Bottom Line

    Our goal is to reduce waste and unnecessary expenses while maintaining the highest level of food safety. One of the easiest ways to reduce sanitation costs is through a consolidated supply agreement where you purchase all your products from AMERISAN like many of our clients chose to do.

    Using the right sanitation product, with the right quality, from the right provider, will reduce costs.

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