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Prevent Production Downtime and Ensure Optimal Hygiene with StorScreen

StorScreen mobile screens and curtains are made of flexible and durable PVC, making them a hygienic and sustainable solution for separation in food processing environments. Our screens are tailored to meet your specific challenges, whether you need a quick barrier, partition, or high-risk zoning control. We also offer a heavy-duty curtain system that is perfect for washdowns and cleaning while keeping production lines running.

Clear Visual

Enhance Food Safety

Improve Sustainability

Save Time

Mobile StorScreen

Mobile separation screens are a modular system for quick installation that allows you to easily add or remove screens as needed. The screens also nest for convenient storage and transportation. This makes it easy to customize your workspace and keep your facility clean and organized.

The mobile screens are also hygienically designed for food industry applications, and can be custom printed with logos and messages for safety or instruction. They are perfect for washdown protection, line segregation, caution areas, and more.

Mobile screen sizes are available in 6' x 6' or 6' x 7.5'. Choose from colors: blue, green, red, yellow, or white.

StorScreen Curtain

Hygienic, durable and versitile, the StorScreen curtains provide a robust, static solution to separate and protect a larger area. The curtains are made of USDA grade, non-porous, thick, clear, flexible PVC with a 12" overlap on trolley hooks. The connectors are also universal and can be mounted to a ceiling, flush to a wall, or suspended with a threaded rod.

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