A Company with a Purpose

Our company purpose is our reason for being, why we exist and why we are doing what we do with passion, commitment and excitement. Every single day.

We care… about people, a safe food supply, limiting waste, and the environment

Our Vision

Leading the food industry to perfect food safety, one food plant at a time. Becoming first to mind, to any food industry professional.

Our Mission

Helping food manufacturers eliminate foodborne illnesses and product contamination.




We are known for ‘The best recipe for food safety’ – which is also our tagline; you will often see it together with our logo.

At Amerisan, we encourage our team members to flourish, and unleash their potential. We’re a winning team where we share our achievements and successes, pulling together, creating a powerful force for good. We strive everyday to ensure our team has a sense of joy, achievement, and give back to our people, communities and the world we live in.

We continue to climb to new heights with our strong focused culture creating innovation and solutions that build a safer and more sustainable food supply creating A World of Safer Food.

Sustainability -
Doing the right thing

We care about the planet and believe that recycling plastic is our environmental responsibility. We are proud to partner with the recycling group, Recircle, to recycle and reuse plastic based PPE. Recircle brings together industry leading polymers scientists, recycling professionals and manufacturers to help our customers recycle plastic waste. Recircle's recycling program takes what was once ocean or landfill bound PPE and recycles it into other non-food grade products that can be used in other parts of your business, such as plastic pallets, buckets and storage bins.

Health - A World of Safer Food

The impacts of food safety problems on the health and wellbeing of consumers can be significant. Every year contaminated or mislabelled food causes illness, stress, allergic reactions, and interruptions to people’s lives. Amerisan is helping food processors eliminate risk to the consumer.

Hunger - Food Security for All

Food spoilage and contamination cause the unnecessary disposal of food. In a time when we need to be eliminating waste and building a sustainable supply chain from farm to fork to feed the growing global population, food safety has never has never been more important.

Supporting Communities - Making a Difference

We also partner with the Rapid Relief Team (RRT), an organization that provides multiple services from disaster relief to homelessness assistance to communities both locally and globally. We continually monitor regional and international crisis and emergencies to identify opportunities to offer resources and manpower.

People and Culture

Our team is our secret sauce, they are the magic behind the Amerisan Customer Experience.