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Implement Your 5S Program with Custom Shadow Boards

The 5S shadow board system helps food production companies to improve and implement their food safety initiatives. An organized, well maintained, and clean facility will always be a safer one, not only for the employees, but also for the food products being produced. Amerisan works closely with our clients to help each facility become more efficient and improve their food safety. Shadow Board systems play a large part in achieving and sustaining 5S Lean manufacturing goals because of the application of visual elements that drive change and standardization.

Benefits of 5S Shadow Boards

Improve organization and efficiently at your facility with custom 5S Shadow Boards. These boards provide proper tools storage while enabling plant workers to quickly identify when items are missing or out of place. Providing a dedicated station for tools and equipment is proven to:
Save Time
Create Order
Increase Equipment Life
Reduce Errors
Reduce Replacement Costs

What makes Amerisan Shadow Boards so Unique?

Our Shadow Boards are custom designed and built to meet your specific needs. All StorShield materials are safe and highly durable making them idea for use in any facility where product integrity is job #1.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

No two processing plants are exactly alike. That’s why our consultants work with you to determine the best possible tool storage solutions. Whether it be wall or wheel mounted models, our Shadow Boards offer the ultimate in hygiene and efficiency. Incorporate any colors or graphics in order to achieve a truly unique look to your boards. All our Shadow Boards are custom designed and configured to meet the specific requirements of your facility.

A New Standard -
Quick Buy Tool Stations

Over time we developed a range of standard shadow boards that are most frequently purchased by food processors. These are our best-selling designs, size and color options. To simplify the purchase process, we now offer a “short list” of the most popular configurations to select from. You still get the option to select colors, add your logo and select mounting methods to fashion these for your facility.

Standard shadow boards come in 3 sizes to choose from: 24x72, 36x72, and 48x72.

Shadow Board Implementation

Using Shadow Boards and Signage for safety information, procedures, facility identification and a variety of other applications is a great way to help reduce waste, enhance knowledge and improve productivity for the long haul. Implementing custom Shadow Boards for your facility is easy.


A 5S Specialist will guide you through customizing board type, size & tools.


Once all aspects of your program are specified a quote will be provided.


To move forward, simply confirm acceptance of quotation and/or provide any required revisions.


Artwork proofs allow for you to see how each Shadow Boards will look upon completion.


Our team will promptly print, seal and build.


Boards are care- fully packaged and shipped directly to your facility.

Now Available Stainless Steel Shadow Boards

Eliminate the need for plastic products in your facilities by incorporating stainless steel shadow boards. These boards are extremely durable, rust and chemical safe, and reduces the risk of foreign material contamination. Completely customizable black laser marking is facilitated by our unique laser annealing process creating clear permanent shadows, logos, and other artwork.
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Shadow Board Ordering Tips

Tip 1: Specify Your Board Material