Customer First Culture

We are fanatical about customer service, and it is core to our existence. We believe that every detail is important. Our food safety experts will help you select the best products to meet your specific needs.

We have 7 pillars to guide every customer engagement

Honor and manage customers as assets.

There is nothing better for business than happy, satisfied customers.

Align around our brand promise.

We promise to reduce food safety risk, guarantee on time delivery and provide verified recycling of the products we sell.

Act on customer feedback.

Good or bad we know our customers are living it. We listen, we adjust, and we solve.

Be reliable.

We are our customers’ partners that they should expect to rely on.

Get Personal.

We breathe accountability. If any issues arise, transparency is best. We reach out directly and find a solution.

Be our customers’ cheerleader.

Our customers’ success is our ultimate goal and we strive to celebrate their continual successes.

Be delighted.

We want our customers to end each call with—Ahhhhhhh. They can exhale knowing we can handle all of their PPE and Jan/San needs.

What Customers Say About Amerisan

“I wasn't able to pick just one thing. Amerisan personnel is super friendly and always responses right away on quotes, ordering and items arrive in a timely manner.”

Fresh Express

“Great Communication on new items coming, as well as, quick responds to any questions we have. I can always count on items coming in the next day or urgently even during short notices. Appreciate the reliability overall”

Taylor Farms

“Great folks to work with, they helped us numerous times with the gloves we had to have for our team members.”


“Always, ready to take care of my needs.”


“We have been treated professionally, courteous and dependable from all your staff we interact with at Amerisan.”

Savor Street

“I love working with Amerisan. The accuracy, customer service and everything is great.”