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Stock-X - Client Assisted Inventory

Save time and money with Stock-X

There are critical products used in food production that, if depleted, can lead to expensive line shutdowns and lost production. Amerisan understands the need to maintain these crucial inventory levels and works hand in hand with our clients to ensure that they are stocked with the right amount of product on time every time.

Your Amerisan representative will visit your site on a regular basis. They will review your inventory, recommend replenishment levels and deliver a quote within an hour. Only upon your approval will we process and ship the order. We make it easy and our clients keep control.

With our Stock-X program, you can feel confident that you will never:

  • Run out of mission critical PPE or janitorial supplies
  • Have to stop or delay production due to a stock out
  • Have to take risks with using alternative PPE due to not having the specific QA & production approved product on hand
  • Have to pay rush fees to get stock to your plant
  • Have to do inventory counts of ppe &Jan/san supplies

See why 80% of our customers choose the Stock-X program and have proven cost savings of up to 25% due to more ef´Čücient handling of consumable inventory supplies.

For new Stock-X solutions, fill out the form below or contact an Amerisan sales rep today (888) 586-7990 or sales@amerisan.com.