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Our vision is to lead the food industry to perfect food safety, one plant at a time.

As the leaders in consultation and implementation, food safety isn’t just our main concern—it’s our only focus. Our team of food safety experts focus on food safety both for the people who consume it and the reputations of the companies that provide it. With food processing being our singular focus, we can provide you with a unique set of value-added services:



Every relationship begins with a comprehensive audit of your current food safety programs and identify improvement opportunities.


We guide your business through the everchanging world of manufacturing and government regulations.


We take the time to understand the latest regulations, trends and address upcoming issues that may impact each facilities safety record.

Our team is our secret sauce, they are the magic behind the Amerisan Customer Experience.

Making a Difference Locally and Globally.

Amerisan partners with Rapid Relief Team (rrt), an organization that provides multiple services from disaster relief to homelessness assistance to communities both locally and globally.

We continually monitor regional and international crisis and emergencies to identify opportunities to offer resources and manpower.

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We are fanatical about customer service, and it is core to our existence. We believe that every detail is important. Our food safety experts will help you select the best products to meet your specific needs.

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