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Visual Workplace Management

Visual workplace is a lean concept that’s all about putting key information right where employees need to see it. Simplifying essential GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) information into visual elements drives greater understanding resulting in spending less time educating workers and enforcing compliance. Effective visual management communicates key information at a glance by being:


Highly Visible

Creates a Culture of Food Safety

Easy to Comprehend

Understood Regardless of Lanugage

Why Visual Management?

Visual Management creates accountability among team members while promoting interest and engagement that ultimately leads to a culture of continuous improvement across the organization by clearly articulating messages to employees, visitors, customers, and auditors as they enter and proceed through your food processing environment.

Conveying Important information such as GMP requirements, one-point lessons, quality assurance tracking, and messaging boards, visual management provides information on the right thing to do, the right way to do it, the safe way to do it; ultimately supporting your plant safely, sustainability, and profitably to produce food.

If You Can Dream it
We Can Build it!

Our Shadow Boards are custom designed and built to meet your specific needs. All StorShield materials are safe and highly durable making them ideal for use in any facility where product integrity is job #1.

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